Mezcal Con Gusano – Brands with The Worm

Mezcal Con Gusano

In this article, you’ll find more about this unique type of mezcal that has a worm in it. The worm, known as gusano, is key to unlocking wonderful drinking experiences. The thorough production process yields a drink with splendid tasting notes. There are different types of Mezcals with the worm, which you’ll learn about in … Read more

Pechuga Mezcal – An In-Depth Look At This Unique Variety

Pechuga Mezcal

Pechuga is what is known as a destilado con. Meaning that it is a type of mezcal distilled with something other than the fermented agave. Typically a destilado con pechuga is distilled twice before the ingredients are introduced to the still for a third distillation. At this stage, a number of techniques are used depending … Read more

What is Tobala Mezcal? Everything You Need to Know About Tobala Agave

Best Tobala Mezcal Tobala mezcal is a coveted wild agave distillate produced from the tobala agave. In order for the distillate to be called a mezcal, it needs to be made according to the denomination of origin for distillates. Outside the denomination of origin, agave spirits made with tobala agave can be found using the name papalometl. … Read more

Mezcal with the Worm: The Effects, Myths, and Truth

Mezcal with the Worm

Why is there a worm in mezcal? In short, the worm that you see in a bottle of mezcal was a marketing gimmick. Jacobo Lozano Paez of Gusano Rojo was the brains behind the marketing ploy. It began in 1950, the art school student who became a mezcal maker included moth larvae in bottles to … Read more