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by Greg Rutkowski


Top 12 Tequila Shots That You Need To Know

Here is a list of our favorite 12 tequila shots that you need to try!

by Greg Rutkowski

Tequila Shots & Tequila Shooters

by Greg Rutkowski

12 Tequila Shots For You To Try

The party is not considered to have started without people doing shots. When a friend shouts "hey, how about shots!" amid loud music, a fast pour of tequila with lime and salt on the side is what comes into your mind.

But there is more to a tequila shot and you are about to find out...

1. Straight Tequila Shot With Salt & Lime

Traditional Tequila Shot

This is a classic tequila shot that is done in a specific sequence with salt and lime. The sequence is called "lick, shoot, suck."

There is a reason behind the sequence, it's not just for fun. The salt is licked first to cool the burn after doing the shot, and the lime compliments the flavor.

This is by far the most popular type of tequila shot.

You can also skip the lime and salt, and step it up with 100% pure agave tequila which is smoother than a standard tequila. 

Suggested shot glass: Tequila Shooter

2. Sangrita

Sangrita Tequila Shooter

Still on the old tradition (and for the sake of fun), let's go back to the double-banger, well known as the sangarita.

Sangrita is an authentic shot that still has the original spicy kick and is a great post-tequila chaser.

An orange juice and grenadine base with a small amount of hot sauce is used.

Once you taste this, it's an experience you will live to remember. Here is a good sangrita recipe. 

Suggested shot glass: The Veladora

3. El Vocho

Although the El Vocho shot was inspired by the sangrita, the chaser for el vocho is different in the sense that its recipe requires a tedious process to come up with a mix, but it is worth the hastle.

This shooter is made up of a blend of pineapple juice, mint, and cilantro which results in a green chaser that looks like a fresh kale smoothie.

For a spicier experience, add a jalapeño and pour a straight shot.

Here is a good El Vocho recipe.

Suggested shot glass: The Veladora

4. Lychee Tequila Shot

The Lychee Shot is the softest of the 12 tequila shots. This shooter is made up of only two ingredients. One part lychee liqueur and one part tequila.

The taste of the sweet lychee nectar plus tequila is from another world. One taste will lead to several shots making it difficult to stop doing more. It's good to resist!

Suggested shot glass: White Painted Shot Glass

5. Mexican Samurai

The Mexican Samurai is another seductive shooter. It is famous for being gentle and more of a sipping shot. The opaque green color makes it fun and the citrus with the botanicals make it truly enjoyable and refreshing. 

All you need is one ounce of tequila, two ounces of Ty Ku liqueur, and a splash of sour mix. Shake them all together, strain it, and serve it.

Suggested shot glass: Any clear shot glass

6. Wake the Dead

Wake the dead is a simple shot that tastes like espresso coffee with tequila mixed in.

When it's time to take these shots we say it is time to "wake the dead".

It is made up of a mix of cold espresso with coffee liquor, and tequila. The result is a caffeinated, tequila-soaked shooter, this is a surety that the party is still on. Find the recipe here

Suggested shot glass: Black Clay Skull Mezcalero

7. Apocalypse Now

This shooter is named after the movie "Apocalypse Now", it's for those who love old school.

The Apocalypse Now has tequila, dry vermouth, and Irish cream as its ingredients.

You will be caught by surprise at how effective it is. Raise your glasses and give this perfect shot a try with this recipe

Suggested shot glass: Black Clay Tall Shot Glass

8. Tequila Slammer

Take the tequila slammer if you are prepared to be a bit messy!

There are high chances that the tequila slammer will spill a bit as you drink. Its recipe is not made of many ingredients, it is made up of one part ginger ale and one part tequila.

The process of slamming it into an effervesce shooter on the bar is what makes it fun, hold a towel and drink it fast.

Suggested shot glass: One you don't mind your friends breaking

9. Prairie Fire

Tobasco lovers, you might wanna save this recipe. It is much different from the previous recipes.

The prairie fire is the shot for you if you like a bit of tabasco or spice with your tequila.

It is a unique method of giving your tequila a spicy and hot kick, just be careful not to overdo it! 

Suggested Shot Glass: The Veladora or any clear shot glass

10. Margarita Jello Shot

Special occasions call for special shooters. The margarita jelly is a well-mixed jiggly cocktail that guarantees fun at parties.

Practice a bit of chemistry by customizing it in many different ways, just remember to save the recipe and be an organized bartender!

Suggested Shot Glass: Plastic shot glasses

11. Mexican Flag

Mexican Flag Shot

Equip yourself with top-notch bartending skills by learning how to add layers to your cocktails.

The Mexican Flag is one of the simple shooters that its appearance resembles that of the Mexican flag.

The layers are made up of tequila, grenadine, and crème de menthe. Don't shake this one like juice!

Suggested Shot Glass: Any clear shot glass

12. Three Wise Men Visit Mexico

The three wise men in bartending terms are; Jack Daniel, Johnnie Walker, and Jim Beam. This shooter is made up of a hybrid strain of these three.

It is even more interesting if Jose Cuervo's is added to the recipe, you might take it easy with this one, it's not your ordinary shooter.

Just shake equal parts of all four with ice, strain and enjoy!

Suggested Shot Glass: Day Of The Dead Mezcaleros

Click here to see our vast selection of handmade shot glasses from the heart of Mexico.

Tequila Shooters, The Most Important Tool You Need For Your Tequila Shots

Tequila Shooters

You probably already guessed that the tequila shooter is a necessary tool that you'll need.

Just like cocktails and all of the different types of cocktail glasses, you will come to find that certain shot glasses work better for some shots than others.

It is best to have a few different types of shot glasses for the occasion and with our selection of shot glasses, we have you covered. 

Click here to see our vast collection of shot glasses.

The Best Thing About Tequila Shots

Tequila is a distilled beverage that is made from the blue agave plant, It originated from the city of Tequila in Mexico. And it has been traditionally enjoyed since the beginning of the Spanish colonization. 

Before we jump in to our favorite shots, here are some of the reasons why a pure shot of tequila can boost your health. 

Tequila Is Low-Calorie Alcohol

Trade in you high calorie spirits for one that has less!

Tequila May Help May Lower Cholesterol

It is scientifically proven that tequila has the ability to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol in your heart.

Tequila Helps Digestion

Taking a shot of tequila after a meal helps stimulate digestion and metabolism.

Tequila Is Gluten-Free

Since it is made from agave, it is most of the time free of inflammatory protein.


This article was edited on 12/26/22


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