Agave Harvesting Tool - La Coa De Jima

Agave Harvesting Tool La Coa De Jima

What Tool Does A Jimador Use To Harvest Agave?

La Coa De Jima is the special tool that a jimador, agave farmer uses to harvest agaves.

"Coa" means "hoe" for harvesting and "jima" refers to the jimador agave farmer.

The coa is a flat, spade-like tool that has a sharp rounded head us to cut many agave leaves, or pankas from the agave piña.

The coa also has a long broom handle which helps the jimador reach and also let's the farmer cut more agave leaves.

Cutting the agave leaves is the first step in the process of making an agave distillate like tequila or mezcal.

When the coa tool was invented is not exactly clear. 

This agave harvesting tool is a very simple, yet effective tool and is a MUST HAVE in a jimadors arsenal. 

La Coa De Jima Agave Harvesting Tool

The blade is sharp all around.

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