Pechuga Mezcal – An In-Depth Look At This Unique Variety

Pechuga Mezcal

Pechuga is what is known as a destilado con. Meaning that it is a type of mezcal distilled with something other than the fermented agave. Typically a destilado con pechuga is distilled twice before the ingredients are introduced to the still for a third distillation. At this stage, a number of techniques are used depending … Read more

Tequila Jalisco – Your Ultimate Tour

Tequila Jalisco Tour

If you love tequila the drink, then you’ll most certainly love Tequila the town. This guide equips you with background information for your next destination, so you can sip your mezcal or tequila as you enjoy the read. Where Is Tequila? Tequila is the capital of Tequila municipality, which is located in the center-east of … Read more

What is Tobala Mezcal? Everything You Need to Know About Tobala Agave

Best Tobala Mezcal Tobala mezcal is a coveted wild agave distillate produced from the tobala agave. In order for the distillate to be called a mezcal, it needs to be made according to the denomination of origin for distillates. Outside the denomination of origin, agave spirits made with tobala agave can be found using the name papalometl. … Read more

Mezcal with the Worm: The Effects, Myths, and Truth

Mezcal with the Worm

Why is there a worm in mezcal? In short, the worm that you see in a bottle of mezcal was a marketing gimmick. Jacobo Lozano Paez of Gusano Rojo was the brains behind the marketing ploy. It began in 1950, the art school student who became a mezcal maker included moth larvae in bottles to … Read more

Top 11 Tequila Shots That You Need To Know

Tequila shots

The party is not considered to have started without people doing shots. When a friend shouts “Hey, how about shots!” amid loud music, a fast pour of tequila with lime and salt on the side is what comes into your mind. But there is more to a tequila shot and you are about to find … Read more