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What is Tobala Agave Mezcal? What You Need to Know

What is Tobala Agave Mezcal? What You Need to Know

A year ago

Mezcal fans are so enthusiastic about their favorite spirit for many reasons. One is the fact that, like wine, different mezcals have their own unique properties. Thus, when you dive into the world of mezcal, you quickly learn there is plenty to discover and savor.

For example, maybe you’ve heard of Tobala agave mezcal. Maybe you’re also wondering, “What is Tobala agave mezcal?”

This blog will answer your questions. It explains what Tobala agave mezcal is, and why so many mezcal enthusiasts hold it in such high regard. 

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Understanding the Unique Essence of Tobala Agave Mezcal

Mezcal is made with the agave plant. However, there isn’t one single type of agave plant a mescalero might use when creating a batch of this spirit. Many use the Espadin agave plant due to its wide availability throughout Mexico.

Others opt for the Tobala agave plant. Tobala isn’t as commonly used as Espadin because it’s not as abundant, and it takes twice as long to grow to full maturity, but those who do create or drink mezcal with Tobala agave tend to agree the rewards are worth the wait.

Tobala agave is distinct from Espadin agave in several key ways. The most noticeable is its sweetness, which is much greater than that of Espadin agave. Others also note that its flavor range is more delicate. When used to create Tobala agave mezcal, the result is a mezcal that many feel stands out when compared to others.

Not Every Tobala Agave Mezcal is the Same

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you know exactly what Tobala agave mezcal is and how it tastes if you’ve only tried one. The way in which a grower cultivates the Tobala agave plant can also contribute to the flavor notes of the finished batch.

For example, the Tobala agave used to make one popular brand of Tobala agave mezcal is grown in a relatively cold part of Mexico where it’s frequently exposed to rainfall and humidity. The Tobala agave used to make another brand is grown in a warmer valley.

Thus, the two mezcals taste noticeably different from each other. The Tobala agave mezcal made with plants grown in a cold and wet region is fruity and sweet. The mezcal whose Tobala agave plants were grown in a warm valley has more herbal qualities, and is much drier.

This once again highlights one of the primary reasons mezcal lovers are so passionate about this spirit. Once you’ve had the lucky experience of tasting Tobala agave mezcal for the first time, you can still taste many different batches and brands of it, savoring something new with each one. 

That said, Espadin and Tobala aren’t the only two types of agave plant used in the creation of mezcal. They’re simply used in the mezcals that tend to be most popular outside of Mexico. In the country, mescaleros are using different varietals to create mezcals few outside of their regions have had the opportunity to taste. Hopefully, as mezcal grows in popularity throughout the world, that will one day change.


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We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

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