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by Ellie Balderson


The Most Popular Mexican Cocktails

by Ellie Balderson

Mexican Cocktails On Table With Fruit

by Ellie Balderson


Mexico is popular for tequila but it is also popular for the many cocktails that we enjoy today. Every cocktail has a history behind it and the people who created it. In this article we take a look at the origin of 12 Mexican cocktails. We also dive into finer details of who made them and how they made them. In case you want to make your own cocktail too, we also mention how you can make them at home.

Mexican Cocktails Being Used To Toast


Having a simple drink like tequila is fantastic, but what’s more fantastic is having a tequila cocktail. The beauty of cocktails is that there are so many varieties and flavours. No matter what your preference is, you will find a cocktail that you will enjoy. There are a wide variety of Mexican cocktails, some local and some known all over the world. In case you have been wondering, here are our favourite Mexican cocktails that you can enjoy the next time you are in the mood for one.

Tequila Sunrise Mimosa

This is a drink for those who like the bubbly feeling. From the name, the Mexican inspired cocktail is a combination of the Tequila sunrise and Mimosa and is a great drink to have with brunch.

As much as the Mimosa is a classic drink for brunches, the origin of the Tequila sunrise is different. One of the stories suggests that it came into existence during the Agua  Caleinte prohibition in Tijuana. Hollywood stars would occasionally drink it while betting on horses. On the other hand, some people say the cocktail was invented in Arizona Baltimore Hotel two decades later, but the Tijuana tale seems more exciting if you ask us!

No matter its origin, you can be sure that the Mimosa-fied Tequila Sunrise twist is a sweet cocktail for a Sunday brunch.

To make, pour 30ml tequila into a cocktail glass. Then fill the glass up to three quarters of the way with champagne. Finish with orange juice and a few splashes of grenadine. Of course, don't forget a garnish!

Tequila Sunrise Mimosas On Tray With Lime

Bloody Aztec

Bloody tequila is a Mexican cocktail that consists of red food coloring, crème de cacao and equal amounts of tequila. To prepare it, the crème de cacao  and tequila are mixed in an ice shaker, at the same time the red food coloring is poured into a rocks glass.

The mixed ingredients are then poured into glass from the shaker without stirring. The cocktail is a great option to impress your guests at a party as it feels appropriately special for such occasions. To add extra flare, it is a good idea to garnish it with lime wedges and colorful umbrellas. 


Vampiro is a Mexican cocktail made by combining tequila, hot pepper sauce, grenadine syrup or honey, hot chili peppers, pepper salt, lime juice, orange juice and tomato juice. To prepare it, all the ingredients are shaken with ice and then strained into a glass salted with rim and filled with ice.

There are some situations where the cocktail is not made with grenadine, and sometimes pomegranate is used instead of tomato juice. The cocktail gets its name Vampiro from its color which resembles blood.

Vampiro Mexican Cocktail

Tequila Sour

Tequila sour is another Mexican cocktail made from combining tequila, sugar syrup and lemon juice. To prepare it, all the ingredients are shaken with ice and then transferred into a chilled cocktail glass. If you need a cocktail shaker, check out our stunning cocktail shaker set. A lemon wheel or cherry is used to garnish the drink.

Tequila sour exists in several versions and it is also popular to put egg white into the mix, which makes the cocktail seem foamy when shaken. The result is a lighter and more refreshing drink.


A sangrita is a cocktail that is not alcoholic but spicy. It mostly serves as a chaser for tequila. There are two versions with the traditional Mexican version based on chili powder, hot sauce and citrus juices like orange juice, lime juice and grapefruit.

It often incorporates pepper and salt. Modern varieties have moved away from the tradition and are based on the use of tomato sauce. The exact time that sangrita appeared is not known but there is an association between its origin and Jalisco, which is the origin place of tequila.

The recipes vary and there isn’t a uniform one, and the story is that the first versions may have been made by using leftover vegetable juices.

Sangrita Mexican Cocktail With Salt and Lime


Bananarita is essentially a margarita with a fruity and aromatic flavor. It’s made by combining lime-flavored Margarita mix, banana liqueur and tequila. To make the cocktail, you pour all the ingredients into a salt-rimmed highball glass that is filled with ice.

To garnish, a slice of banana and lime serves the purpose. Similar to the margarita, there is also a frozen version of this cocktail.

Tequila and Tonic

Sometimes dubbed as the healthier and lighter cousin of the margarita. The drink is a simple one made by combining tequila and tonic water. The ratio of tequila to tonic water has to be 1:2. The cocktail is served on the rocks, in a garnished highball glass. The garnish is usually a lime wedge and lemon slice.

You can also choose to salt the rim, as salt classically pairs very well with tequila.

Tequila And Tonic Cocktail


A metador is a simple structured Mexican cocktail, made by combining tequila, pineapple juice and lime juice. In some cases, it resembles the Jackhammer but has its own distinctive aroma that keeps it unique.

All the ingredients are shaken vigorously with ice, then served in a cocktail glass or chilled flute with pineapple or lime twist to garnish.


A simple minimal yet elegant cocktail is a paloma. It constitutes tequila and grapefruit soda like Jarritos or Fresca that makes it a perfect combination of tart and sweet. "Paloma"means "dive", and is among the most popular Mexican cocktails. They can be bought ready made and stored in soda cans.

Lime fruit and grape juice can be used in place of grapefruit soda for a more sour flavor. Paloma is served on the rocks in a highball glass and garnished with lime wedge.

Paloma Cocktail With Salted Rim


Michelada is a Mexican cocktail that is beer-based with a spicy kick. Its ability to adapt to different tastes and preferences means it can be made in various ways. Micheladas always include beer as the base with an addition of salt, lime juice and assorted spices, peppers and hot sauces.

The michelada's spicy nature means it's often used as a hangover cure. It is sometimes prepared with clamato juice, a combination tomato juice and clam. The version with salt, chili, hot sauce and Worcestershire is known as the Cubana. In Mexican bars, micheladas are often served on the rocks, and garnished with lime wheel or orange.


Margaritas are the most famous tequila-based cocktail worldwide. It is made by combining tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. There are a few varieties of the cocktail: straight up (ice chilled and strained), frozen (including blended ice), and on the rocks (over ice).

The style never affects how a margarita is served; it is often served in a margarita glass with a rim rubbed with lemon or lime, then spun in sugar or salt. Some people say that Carlos Danny Herrera invented the cocktail in 1938 in Mexico for a dancer Marjorie King who was supposedly able to drink only tequila since he was allergic to almost all the other spirits. There are still others that claim the drink got its name from Margarita Casino.

Margarita Mexican Cocktails With Lime

Cazuela valadora

In Jalisco, a party can’t be complete without the cazuela voladora which is a literal translation for “flying clay bowl”. Traditionally, it was served in a clay pot called a cazuela, but it can also be served in a glass. The Mexican recipe is the same no matter the number of people and is simple as it gets.

In a large bowl, mix slices of ruby red grapefruit, one lemon, one orange, juice from another grapefruit and two oranges, then add tequila and grapefruit soda. Finally, a teaspoon of sea salt.

It's Time To Try Mexican Cocktails

Since the invention of tequila, there have been a wide variety of cocktails invented for everyone to savor. The Mexican cocktails we savor today have unique stories behind them. Cocktails are sweet, but so are the memories behind them.

We hope you now feel confident in making and trying some of these delicious cocktails for yourself. We have some incredible glassware, barware and garishes to help you create professional standard drinks from the comfort of your own home.


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