The Mezcal Copita Glass For Sipping Mezcal

What is a Mezcal Copita Glass?

A mezcal copita is a small cup used for sipping mezcal.

In Spanish, a copita translates to "small cup."

Mezcal copita glasses typically have a round rim and a round body with a flat base.

The design is intended to get your nose close to the mezcal while making it easy for you to sip.

Typically, the copita glass can hold anywhere from 1.0 ounce to 2.5 ounces of liquid and the sizes can vary.

The materials used for mezcal copita glasses are clay (traditional), ceramic, stone, copper, and glass. The stone and glass being more modern variations. 

These types of glasses are made in many regions of Mexico and sold it markets in Oaxaca, Guadalajara, and Mexico City. 

The most popular types of Mezcal Copita Glasses

We will go through some of the most popular and unique styles of mezcal copita glasses.

You will see the styles vary widely based on; the artisan, location, and materials available. 

Let's start with the most popular...

Black Clay Copita Mezcal Glass from San Bartolo Coyotepec Oaxaca, Mexico

By far, the most popular mezcal copita glass is the Black Clay Mezcal Copita Glass from San Bartolo Coyotepec Oaxaca, Mexico.

Coyotepec is a traditional style of pottery often referred to as barro negro dating back thousands of years.

This style comes in a few different finishes mainly flat and glossy.

They are sealed and made water-tight by a unique rubbing technique. 

Santa María Atzompa Oaxaca, Mexico Mezcal Copita Glasses Mezcal For Life

Mezcal Copita Glasses from Santa María Atzompa Oaxaca, Mexico.

Santa María Atzompa Oaxaca, Mexico is one of the most famous places for mezcal copitas and traditional Mexican pottery.

Here you will find the largest and unique selection of mezcal copitas. 

This region specializes mainly in the traditional barro verde pottery style and a few other modern styles. 

Santa Maria Atzompa Barro Verde Mezcal Copita Glass Mezcal For Life


Santa Maria Atzompa Oaxaca Faces Mezcal Copita Glass Mezcal For Life

Santa Maria Atzompa Oaxaca Faces Mezcal Copita Glass

Some other examples are the traditional barro rojo or red clay from a remote village called San Marcos Tlapazola.

The red clay pottery is made by the widely known "Women of Red Clay" outside Oaxaca, Mexico

You can find the red clay copita glasses here.

Blown Glass Mezcal Copita Glasses Mezcal For Life

Colorful Hand-Blown Glass Mezcal Copita Glasses

Lastly, we have the glass mezcal copita.

These can made in any metro region in Mexico that has a hand-blown glass shop and can come in a variety of colors. 

What is unique about hand-blown glass in Mexico is that they usually come from recycled Coke bottles.

Blown-glass can come in all shapes and sizes.

How to choose the perfect Mezcal Copita Glass for you?

The best way to find your favorite is to try them all and see what you like best.

It really is a personal preference without judgement.

Try the same mezcal from different types of mezcal drinking glasses to get a new experience each time. 

The vessel that you use will change your mezcal sipping experience and well as the flavors.

Clay Mezcal Copita Glasses

If you want to have the deepest connection possible with your mezcal, we suggest any of the clay options from the Oaxaca region.

Everything about the clay mezcal copita glasses connects you with what you are drinking.

From where the material is harvested, to thousands of year old methods that they are produced.

Expect the clay to enhance the earthy flavor of your mezcal as well as soften the bite of the alcohol.

Blown Glass Mezcal Copita Glasses

If you are looking for something more functional and practical we recommend going with the blown glass mezcal copita glasses.

The reason being is that the maintenance is a little easier and the true flavors of the mezcal will not get distorted.

The blown glass is a more modern option, but it is a good go-to if you are looking to capture the true essence of your mezcal.


To conclude, we think that mezcal copita glasses are a stellar option for you to drink your mezcal from.

Drinking from the mezcal copita is fun and travel-friendly.

They are small and you can take them anywhere, including to Oaxaca or your next mezcal tasting.

To find your next favorite mezcal copita glass, click here


And if you are looking for other mezcal & tequila drinkware options, we suggest that you check out this article. 

Updated: 04/13/22


Greg Rutkowski, President

Greg Rutkowski Mezcal For Life
Greg is a lover of agave spirits, handicrafts, and barware. In 2020 he married all of his loves and created a business bringing amazing pieces from all over Mexico to the United States. Learn more here

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