The Best Margarita Glasses

How To Choose The Right Margarita Glass

Is it time to upgrade your festive glassware? Or are you searching for new styles of margarita glasses to impress your guests at the next party? Look no further, we have you covered here with an in-depth look at different styles of margarita glasses along with our recommendations for choosing the best style for you.

Things To Consider

There are a few things you must consider first before buying your next margarita glasses.

Serving Style- Margaritas can be served on ice, frozen, or up. Choosing your margarita glass depends greatly on how you plan on serving your margaritas.

Aesthetic- Do you want to be more traditional or more classy? Do you want the glass to be the focal point or a nice compliment?

Price- What is your budget? We consider stemware an investment and opt for quality pieces. As you will see later, there many social benefits as well to spending more on your glassware.

Versatility- Since we promote investing in quality glassware, we also promote having a well thought-out stemware collection that has versatility. So we encourage you to think through the cocktails you will be making and see where you can get creative to find multiple uses for your margarita glasses.

Types Of Margarita Glasses & What To Look For

As you may have guessed, margarita glasses come in many different shapes, styles and colors. Depending on your own personal style and your preferred method of presentation, you'll be able to choose one that fits your needs. Some of these glasses can be multipurpose as well!

Traditional Round Glass With Conical Center


For traditional style margarita glasses, click here.

Legend has it that the traditional margarita glass shape was a riff of French Queen Marie Antoinette’s style of champagne glasses which were modeled after her breasts. She did this to ensure that all of her guest would be drinking from her bosoms.

How this style of stemware became the iconic margarita glass, nobody seems to know. What is known is that this type of glass makes a great vessel to drink from with it's wide rim and conical center. Restaurants and bars across the country gravitate to this glass.

This glass is best for margarita cocktails on ice, frozen, or with a lot of garnishes.

Martini Shaped Margarita Glass

Martini Style Margarita Glass With Confetti Rim

Another popular style is martini shaped margarita glasses.

We like these glasses a lot because they have a wide rim which is easy to drink from. They are also great for serving margaritas "up" which is our preferred method of drinking a margarita.

Because if its shape, it is a versatile glass. Feel free to enjoy your martinis, Martinez cocktail, daiquiris, or any other types of drinks that are served "up."

Tumbler Glass


Tumbler Glass With Confetti Rim

For tumbler margarita glasses, click here.

A glass tumbler is also another great way to enjoy a margarita!

It comes with just as much versatility as the martini glass, and this glass is also great if you like ice or other creative garnishes like pineapple.

Tumbler glasses are also great for your Oaxacan Old Fashioned, Mezcalitas, and more.

Colors Of Margarita Glasses

 Color Styles Of Margarita Glasses

There are three main color styles that apply to margarita glasses.

The most common colors to find are; confetti, red, orange, turquoise, black, white, emerald green, amber, and purple.

The most popular in color style is the colored rim. The confetti colored rim is very festive and makes a great conversation piece.

Another one of our favorites is the frosted margarita glass. This can bring a more classy look to your bar. We suggest the frosted cobalt color.

Lastly is the threaded style. Threading is a very cool technique that artisans use to swirl colors all throughout the glass.

Sustainable Glass Margarita Glasses

When seeking the perfect margarita glasses for your home or bar, we think the sustainability of the glass is just as important as the style.

What makes a margarita glass sustainable anyhow?

There are many shops out there in Mexico that specialize in producing cocktail glasses using recycled glass.

All of our margarita glasses are handmade from 100% recycled Coke bottles from Jalisco, Mexico.

Handmade Verses Machine-Made Margarita Glasses

Another thing to consider is the quality of a handmade margarita glass verses a machine-made glass.

Hand-blown margarita glasses are of higher quality because the glass is usually thicker around the base, stem, and cup.

Buying high quality glassware ensures that you won't have to worry about breakage.

Lastly, buying hand-blown glass helps the artisan and their families in low income and remote villages in Mexico. And is a great way to give back and keep local economies growing.

Click here to see our complete collection of margarita glasses!

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