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by Greg Rutkowski


Popular Mezcal Cocktails That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Here are several examples of cocktails displaying how diverse of a spirit mezcal can be. We've chosen some of our favorites and we think that you are going to love them too!

by Greg Rutkowski

Popular Mezcal Cocktails That Will Make Your Mouth Water

by Greg Rutkowski

When you fall in love with mezcal, the first inclination is to try all of the different brands you can get your hands on. The second is trying all the different agave varieties. The third is figuring it out all of the different ways you can incorporate mezcal into cooking and cocktails. 

The rise in popularity of mezcal in the United States combined with the explosive growth in craft cocktails, brewed a perfect storm for a mezcal cocktail renaissance. 

Today there is no shortage of cocktails that incorporate mezcal. The tiki culture has certainly adopted it and many world class bartenders also riff on classic cocktails with mezcal.

By no means is this a comprehensive list of mezcal cocktails. This article is meant to show you some of our favorites and to display how diverse the earthy spirit can be. 

Below you will see the vast range of ways it can be used and learn all of the different flavor profiles to which you can use it with. 

So let's jump right in!

Mezcal & Mineral Water (A.K.A. Mezcal Ranch Water)

Mezcal And Mineral Water - Mezcal Ranch Water

Mezcal and mineral water is a very simple and refreshing way to enjoy your favorite mezcals. Just add it to a highball glass filled with ice and a squeeze of lime juice, then you'll be good to go.

This drink is perfect for the summer and is one of the purest ways to drink mezcal (in cocktail form).

The best part is you'll get to appreciate all of the flavor nuances of mezcals all-the-while enjoying a thirst quenching beverage.

Another benefit is that because it does not have any added sugar it is as healthy as you can get.

You may even want to try some flavored mineral water for a little extra fun.

Oaxaca Old Fashioned

Oaxacan Old Fashioned Cocktail

The Oaxaca Old Fashioned is said to be one of the very first mezcal cocktails that became widely known in the United States and helped fuel the mezcal craze.

Reason being is that this cocktail displays how diverse of a spirit mezcal can be by creatively riffing on a cocktail that was already immensely popular at the time.

It is boozy, smoky, and is reminiscent of an Old Fashioned while maintaining it's Mexican roots.

We'd definitely recommend it as a great entry point into your mezcal cocktail journey.

Click here to get the full recipe for the Oaxaca Old Fashioned.

Mezcal Negroni

 Mezcal Negroni Cocktail

Another great classic mezcal cocktail riff is the Mezcal Negroni. Many mezcal enthusiasts that we've met swear by this cocktail. We couldn't agree more.

It is yet another booze-forward cocktail and it is easy to drink.

We also have to let you in on a little secret with this one.

Try expressing a pink grapefruit twist and adding the twist to the drink. It will change your world.

Click here to get the full recipe of the Mezcal Negroni.

Mezcal Margarita 

Mezcal Margarita Cocktail

We can't talk about mezcal cocktails without mentioning the Mezcal Margarita.

By far this is one of the most popular combinations and can be seen at most cocktail bars and Mexican restaurants with a good bar program.

It is a spiced up version of the traditional margarita and is one of those drinks that everyone will be asking you for more of.

This drink is also a great way to introduce new comers to mezcal.

We are a little bit snobby when it comes to this cocktail and how it should be drank, but for good reason. Find out more below.

Click here to get the full recipe of the Mezcal Margarita.


Pineapple Mezcalita

The Mezcalita is another one of those drinks that needs to be on this list.

The exception here is that cocktail is more popular in Mexico than it is in the United States.

If you ever travel to Puerto Vallarta or any other beach towns on the west coast, this cocktail can be seen on every bar menu.

West coast Mexicans are very proud of this creation as it is one of the only popular mezcal cocktails that was not created in the United States.

It is a very tropical drink that is spikey, smoky, and sweet.

The best part about it is that it comes in many varieties; cucumber, watermelon, pineapple, avocado, orange, passion fruit, jamaica, tamarind, jalapeño, and berry!

Click here for the full recipe of the Mezcalita.

Mezcal Mule

 Mezcal Mules Cocktail

To no ones surprise the ingredients for the Moscow Mule work even better with mezcal. Our minds were blown when we first tried this drink. 

The Mezcal Mule is a refreshing cocktail that is sweet, crisp, sour, and has a little bite.

It is very simple to make and is the best of all of the worlds!

Click here to get the full recipe of the Mezcal Mule.

The Last of the Oaxacans

 Last Of The Oaxacans

The Last of the Oaxacans, also known as The Only Word is the perfect drink for the hardcore cocktail drinker. It could also be considered a mixologists dream cocktail.

If you are familiar with The Last Word (and you like it) it will surely be the drink for you to try.

It is simple to make and has a flavor profile that is extremely complex, intriguing, and enjoyable. Little effort for a big reward.

Whip this out in front of your bartender friends and you will be the talk of the town.

Click here to get the full recipe of the Last Of The Oaxacans.

Mezcal Paloma

 Mezcal Paloma Cocktail

A fresh and refreshing summertime drink that is even better when enjoyed during the day.

You can even add a little pizzazz by salting the rim with your favorite chili-lime salt.

With lots of different variations and presentations, this drink is easy to make for parties and is a crowd-pleaser.

Click here to get the full recipe of the Mezcal Paloma.

Mezcal Martinez

 Mezcal Martinez

Ah... the Mezcal Martinez adds a little class to your experience.

It brings you back to the days before the traditional martini ever existed, but with a little flair!

We love this drink after a meal or for a nightcap.

Click here to get the full Mezcal Martinez recipe.

Mezcal Sour with Egg Whites

 Mezcal Sour With Egg Whites

We hope that you are in love with egg white cocktails just as much as we are because this one will take you to Cloud 9.

The sourness of the cocktail in combination with the silky texture of the egg whites make this drink a dream. It is like an adult creamsicle. 

Make sure you get a good seal on you shaker when mixing the egg whites, it will save you a big mess to clean up later. Yea, we learned the hard way. 

We think it is best to enjoy this one with a friend rather than a group of people as it requires a little bit extra work.

Get the full recipe for the Mezcal Sour with Egg Whites here.

La Piña

 La Pina Mezcal Cocktail

This refreshing drink is well-balanced, made from fresh pineapple juice, cilantro, mezcal and serrano chile.

You can also pair smoky mezcal and cinnamon syrup with pineapple juice and floral pisco to get Shaman, a layered tropical-style drink.

Click here the the full La Pina recipe. 

Naked and Famous

Naked And Famous Cocktail

This one is an editor favorite!

The Naked and Famous is a cocktail for the sophisticated palate.

It is one of those boozy cocktails that goes down easy and what is not to like about that? Just be careful because you will run out of ingredients pretty quickly.

This is one of our go-to drinks when we are in the mood for something with complex flavors but don't want to put in a lot of work.

Click here to get the full Named and Famous recipe.

Did you make any of these Cocktail recipes?

From fresh and verdant to smoky and earthy, you can never go wrong with any mezcal cocktail recipe.

It's a versatile spirit suited for a number of cocktails, and often confused with tequila drinks.

Mezcal on its own is delicious, but you can pair it with pineapple or vegetables too. Try earthly honey, smoked salt, spiced liqueurs, or sweet vermouth for your mezcal cocktails.

For more smoky mezcal cocktail recipes, click here to see what else there is on our site.

Don't forget to rate our mezcal cocktail recipes and note any creative ideas for food pairings.

Comment below with your feedback on our list of cocktails and any other recipes that you'd like us to post!


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