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by Ellie Balderson


Michelada Ingredients: How To Make The Perfect Michelada

by Ellie Balderson

Michelada Cocktails With Lime and Ingredients

by Ellie Balderson


Is there anything better than sipping on a cool michelada on a hot day? We have created an ultimate guide to michelada ingredients, to help you make the perfect cocktail. We will show you exactly how to make a delicious michelada, from the best light beer to use to the importance of adding a good squeeze of fresh lime.


Drink and come to life with a michelada cocktail no matter the time of the day, occasion, or the season. This cocktail has a satisfyingly spicy yet sour taste that will leave you wanting more. It is generally a mixture of beer, lime and a bit of chilli sauce.

Let's dig right in!

michelada cocktail with lime

The History of the Michelada

The michelada drink is believed to have been founded in Mexico between the 1940s and early 1950s. There is no definite answer as to who might have discovered this drink, as there are two different narratives that have been passed down through history.

The Don Augusto Michel Narrative

This narrative is told in Mexico. Legend has it that a general by the name Don Augusto Michel frequently visited a local cantina in San Luis Potosi. The general is said to have been accompanied by his soldiers after long days spent fighting in the hot sun. 

In order to cheer up his troop, he would take them to the cantina for refreshment. It is said that the general would always ask for beer, lime and hot sauce. Since the beer would be served cold, the peppery mixture was named michelada, with "Michel" as the general's name and "chelada" meaning cold.

Michelada cocktail with ingredients

The Michel Esper Narrative

The second version suggests that a man named Michel Esper invented the popular michelada drink. It is reported that he would take his beer with lime, ice cubes and salt. This mixture would be served in a chabela cup as if it were a shandy (a mixture of beer and lemonade).

The frequent members of the club Deportivo Potosino in San Luis Potosi began asking for "Michel’s limonada". Over time this was shortened to "michelada".

The Simpler Narrative

There is also a third, much simpler story regarding the origin of the michelada, relating to words and their meanings. The name is of Spanish origin, "mi", to mean "my". "Chela" is beer and "ada" from the word "helada" means "cold". So, when brought together these words form "michelada".

Michelada has become a household name across Mexico, Canada and increasingly gaining popularity in various parts of America. Whichever version is right, we are glad that this drink was invented!

Michelada with beer and shots

Top Michelada Ingredients You Should Have

With many versions out there for michelada's recipe, you will probably wonder which one would work out best. With the right ingredients and quantity, you can't go wrong. You can also add a touch of sophistication to your cocktail with unique glassware or interesting garnishes.

Below are some of the essential ingredients that you can use for a Michelada cocktail:


We all love a great beer to help us relax, but not all beers work for the michelada mix. A light Mexican beer is the best kind for michelada cocktails. Light beers have a sour taste, reduced alcohol content and low calories.

Beers such Corona Extra, Pacifico, Tecate, Carta Blanca and Grupo Modelo are perfect for making a michelada cocktail.

These beers have a low alcohol content and fewer calories, making them a great choice because you can enjoy a glass or two whilst keeping a clear head.

You can always differentiate a light beer from other regular beer using its color. Light beers have a lighter color that tends to be golden and light shades of amber compared to their counterparts which are dark. They also tend to be a bit more acidic in nature, making them the right choice for michelada cocktails.

A beer cocktail is ideal for hot summer days, and pairs perfectly with lighter foods such as chicken pasta, and barbecues.

Hand holding Corona beer

Lime juice

Limes are green citrus fruits with sour taste, rich in flavor, vitamin c and antioxidants. They are instrumental in the cuisines of many countries, including both India and Mexico, and add a delicious zingy flavour to both food and drink. We love limes as an addition to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Lime juice is one of the main ingredients in a michelada cocktail and it's safe to say that a michelada is never complete without lime in it. Lime adds citrus flavour whilst amplifying the taste of the other ingredients.

Both bottled lime juice and fresh limes can serve the purpose, however the latter does it best for a michelada cocktail. Fresh limes are full of sweet scent, fresh taste and have no preservatives in them.

When looking for fresh limes it is important to know which limes are good choices. Pick limes that are not discolored, are bright green and feel heavy for their size.

In cases where fresh limes are not available, bottled lime juice can serve the purpose, however the fresher the lime juice the better the quality of the michelada drink. Why not check out our range of lime garnishes to add to your cocktail?

Clamato or Tomato Juice

Clamato juice is a key way to add flavour to a michelada. Clamato juice is made up of both clam juice and tomato juice, hence the name clamato.

This juice contains vitamin C, B and potassium. It relieves inflammation and lowers risks of heart conditions due to the presence of lycopene.

Clamato juice can be used in sauces, salad dressings and cocktails. It is commonly used in making refreshments such as beach bum, bloody Caesar, call of the wild, bloody Mary, and of course micheladas.

Tomato juice can work as a substitute ingredient to the clamato. You can  opt for homemade tomato juice or buy pure tomato juice from the store.

Tomato Juice With Fresh Tomatoes

Worcestershire Sauce

This sauce is believed to have been developed in the 19th century around 1835 by Lea and Perrins, two scientist from Worcester. Made from a base of vinegar, it is a fermented condiment which is high in concentration has a strong umami flavor which is predominantly from anchovies.

The sauce has both sour and sweet taste. It can be used in preparation of meat, fish, poultry and salad dressing. Worcestershire sauce can be used to fix a bloody Mary, vampiro, Kaiser, Caesar, and also michelada.

The Worcestershire sauce brings out the peppery taste in drinks, making it enjoyable to revelers.

For vegetarians or those that have an allergic reaction to anchovies, soy sauce is a great alternative.

Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco sauce is a kitchen additive that is used to bring out flavor as well as heat in dishes such as steaks, chicken, pastas and curry sauces. It is made up of salt, tabasco peppers and salt.

This sauce can also be used as an ingredient for Mezcal bloody Mary, michelada, rum reviver, s’mores N Smoke, smoky calabaza, green pepper papi, and harvest road, amongst others.

For a spicy alternative, you could also try adding Bonfire Spicy Bitters to your cocktail.

Tabasco Sauce With Chillis


A perfect seasoning mix with a combination of chili and salt. Tajin is an irresistible food additive that brings out the best in meals. This seasoning can be used to dress fruit salads, vegetables, fish and chicken.

You can always use tajin to pimp the rims of your glasses instead of natural salt. The rimming of glasses with lime juice and tajin gives a different twist to the overall taste. You can use tajin for Michelada and Margaritas drinkers. We also have a mouth watering range of chilli and flavoured salts to add to the rim of your glass.

Tajin is the icing on the cake, not only does it add the glitz on the rim of the glass but also makes every sip of the michelada delicious.

Why Micheladas Are Great

The michelada is a lifesaver when you're in a rush, and can be made quickly no matter the occasion. This drink ticks so many boxes with its taste, flavor and nutrirional enrichment, unlike most drinks out there.

Furthermore, a michelada can alleviate stress and put you in a relaxed mood. When served cold, it becomes an amazing refreshment for the summer days when the temperature is uncomfortably high.

It is highly suitable for light drinkers. If you are someone who prefers lower alcohol options, this cocktail is the one for you.

It is also believed to work wonders after nights of over indulging in alcohol. Many people report having felt better after drinking micheladas when hungover. This could be associated with the addition of lime juice in its recipe.

Micheladas are perfect drinks for diet watchers. You don’t need to worry about how many calories you are consuming when it comes to a michelada. Because of the light beer used in this cocktail drink you are highly likely to consume fewer calories and have an added advantage of getting enough vitamin C, especially from the tomato juice.

Michelada cocktails on table with beer

So, What Next?

When the need to relax sets in, do not hesitate. Micheladas are best enjoyed cold and can be paired with light dishes. It is a good refreshment for both brunch and the long hot days of summer. With it's amazing flavor, one michelada is never enough, so make extra, pop it in the refrigerator and enjoy every sip with contentment.

Whatever barware you may need for a boozy evening of micheladas, whether it's a unique bottle, shot glass, mug, cantarito or a glass for taking your cocktail, we've got you covered.


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