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by Ellie Balderson


How To Make Jello Shots With Tequila

by Ellie Balderson

Jello Shots Made From Tequila With Lime

by Ellie Balderson


If you're into your drinks, you might have come across tequila jello shots. They are bright, colourful and delicious, and a great addition to a night of revelry.

If you aren't sure what these are, don't worry. After reading this article, you will undoubtedly be sure of what jello shots are and how to make them with tequila.

Additionally, you will know the ingredients used to make them and the steps to follow.

Besides, you will learn the alcohol content of tequila jello shots, how best to store them, and the tips and tricks in making them.

Red Strawberry Jello Shots With Mint Leaves


Jello shots are the best for any great party. However, we think jello shots are most delicious when made with tequila. 

Jello shots with Tequila are so fun and are a perfect treat to offer your guests to impress them. They are just the way to get everyone relaxed and enjoy themselves.

With these shots, there are so many options of flavorings, liquor, and other ingredients to put into your jello shots.

However, tequila is arguably the most exciting option to use, and we recommend you give it a try over other types of alcohol.

If you are wanting a less strong shot, you could also use tequila to create margarita jello shots, which are equally delicious but with lower alcohol content.

Quite a large number of people love tequila for its unique flavour. This makes tequila a great addition to your fun shots. 

Furthermore, tequila jello shots are customizable, so you can make them to suit your tastes.

Jello Shot Cups

You can make your jello shots in small disposable cups. You only need to combine the ingredients, put the mixture into your small plastic cups and then wait.

If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could also use shot glasses. Our range of beautiful shot glasses crafted by artisans in Mexico would make your shots look even more exciting and inviting.

You can also make your jello shots in ice cube trays or a baking dish and then cut them after before placing on a serving platter. This is a rather decadent way to treat your guests!

Regardless of what kind of cup you are using, the method of making them is just the same.

Green Jello Shot With Watermelon

Tequila Jello Shots: The Recipe

Luckily, these shots are super easy to make and don't require much preparation at all!

The combination of jello and tequila provides a stunning and memorable drink that you can't avoid. Here are the ingredients used to make tequila jello shots;


  • ¾ cup of cold water
  • One tablespoon unflavored gelatin
  • ¼ cup of sugar
  • ¼ cup of lime juice
  • ½ cup Tequila
  • Salt and lime for rim
  • Food coloring

Step-by-Step Method

  1. Put the small plastic shot glasses on a baking tray.
  2. Pour cold water into a pot.
  3. Add gelatin, stir and wait for about five minutes for the gelatin to bloom
  4. Boil the water to allow the gelatin to melt
  5. Add lime juice, sugar, and Tequila. Stir to combine them.
  6. Pour your mixture into the shot glasses and put them in the refrigerator for about two to three hours
  7. You can use food coloring to change the shot color, although that is optional.
  8. Remove your shots from the fridge and rim them with salt and garnish with lime
  9. Serve them chilled
Green Jello Cubes


Tequila Jello Shots Alcohol Content

The amount of alcohol depends on how much Tequila you use in your recipe. If you want your jello shot to taste like Tequila, then use about half a cup of alcohol.

If you wish to make them a bit stronger, you can use about two-thirds of the drink. Be careful not to add too much alcohol, which can spoil your Jello shot.

You could add more water or other mixer to create a lower alcohol version, so you can still have just as much fun but keep a clearer head.

How To Store Your Tequila Jello Shots

These shots take about two hours to get ready. Just check them before serving to ensure they are completely set and ready to drink. If they still seem too liquid like, simply pop them back into the refrigerator for a bit more time.

Ensure you store them in the refrigerator when they are not being consumed. You can make them a day or two ahead of time which makes them super easy treats to serve at parties.

When refrigerated, they can keep for up to a week, but it is best if they are eaten in a couple of days. Try to avoid freezing them because that may alter their texture.

Bright Green Margarita Jello Shots

Making Different Types Of Jello Shots

The beauty of jello shots is that they can be made in all sorts of different ways, depending on your preferences.

For example, you can use different types of alcohol if tequila isn't your favourite. This includes; vodka, whiskey, mezcal, rum, gin, even champagne or wine.

The recipes will be the same, but you can also add in different flavours, mixers or garnishes.

Margarita Jello Shots

Are you a cocktail lover or looking for a sophisticated version of jello shots? Margarita jello shots are the choice for you. These are just as fun, but taste like a fresh, delicious margarita.

Serve either in shot glasses or create a larger jello cocktail in a normal cocktail glass!

To make margarita jello shots, you would not really want to use the same tequila you would use to make a margarita. The other ingredients can detract from the flavour of the tequila, so it's best to ensure you're using a mid-range tequila rather than a very expensive one.

Check out our best margarita glasses for your margarita jello shots. You could also add salt around the rim to add to the flavour even more.

Why not take a look at our range of premium and interesting salt that you could incorporate into your tequila or margarita jello shots?

Light Green Shots With Lemon Garnish

Which Tequila Should You Use?

Similarly, you wouldn’t want to use very expensive tequila to make your jello shots. Tequilas like 1800, Jose Cuervo Patron, and Ciera are excellent to use in your shots.

Can You Make These Vegan?

Jello shots that contain gelatin are not vegan or vegetarian friendly because gelatin is an animal product. However, you can use agar-agar powder. This is made from seaweed instead of gelatin to make your jello shots vegan.

Note that agar-agar has more robust properties than gelatin; 1 tablespoon of gelatin only needs about half a teaspoon of agar-agar powder.

Jello Shot Flavours

The recipe provided above is just for a plain jello shot.

But if you would like, you can still add flavors to the tequila jello shot. Cucumber water, watermelon juice, strawberry puree, blackberry puree, and peach puree are some of the great flavors that you can add to your jello shot.

You can get creative with the flavours you add, and you'll never get board as you can try a new type each time.

Keep in mind that when adding an extra fruit juice, you may also have to add more agar-agar or gelatin to keep the ratio correct for your shot to set.

Like the margarita jello shots, you could also experiment with creating shots in the flavours of different cocktails. You'll be an expert in no time!

Colourful Fruit Flavoured Jello Shots

Get Creative With Your Garnishes

Apart from adding any fruit juice or puree, you can also add any physical garnishes into the shots.

For instance, if you like a bit of spice with your drinks, you could put a thin slice of jalapeno into your margarita jello shots. This would add even more wonderful flavour into it.

You could also want to add some cucumber rings, strawberry slices, or watermelon chunks into your shots.

Go Fourth And Make Jello Shots!

Now that you have known how easy it is to make your tequila jello shots, you can make them at your next party.

There are so many fantastic and exciting things you can do with this spirit. Just be sure to use the correct measure of the ingredients and follow all the directions provided above. We are certain that you will fall in love with the result.

You can also use the gummy bear to make the shots. Simply soak gummy bears in tequila and leave for a few hours. The result will be delicious tequila-infused gummy treats that you can entertain your party guests with.

Remember, there's no limits to the flavours you can use in these tasty shots, so don't be afraid to try new ingredients, juices or garnishes.

And, if you're planning a party, make sure you stock up on some striking barware and glassware to impress your guests.

Our cocktail shaker set is a great way to elevate your drinks, and our unique shot glasses will make your evening feel special and high class.

Why not give jello shots a try and discover a new favourite treat?


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