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by Greg Rutkowski


Dos Hombres Mezcal by Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, Stars of Breaking Bad

by Greg Rutkowski

Dos Hombres Mezcal by Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, Stars of Breaking Bad

by Greg Rutkowski

Dos hombres mezcal is an award-winning spirit like no other. It is a unique blend of the best of Espadin agave, which is selected by hand from the hillsides of San Luis del Rio village in Oaxaca, Mexico.

As a product of multiple generations of Mezcal producers, its production relies heavily on the adequate rainfall and fertile soil in the area,  that support the growth of the best agaves. Tahona, a large stone wheel that is set up on a circular stone basin, is used in the production process.

If you have been wondering why the fuss about Dos Hombres mezcal, then keep reading to find out what it is all about. You can also click here for more info on mezcal.

Background Information

Dos Hombres is praised as one of the best spirits ever tasted, at least according to the founders Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston stars of the hit TV show "Breaking Bad."

The award-winning Dos Hombres was started to create a Mezcal that was thought to be perfect, with the sweet aroma, flavor, strength, and smoothness. It is a unique blend of the finest Espadin agave, hand-selected from the hillsides of a small village in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Dos Hombres officially launched in July 2019 with an Espadin.  

Dos Hombres Mezcal Joven

Production Process

San Luis del Rio is a remote section of Oaxaca, with rich soil and sufficient rainfall, where the best agaves in the world are tilled. Below is a breakdown of the entire production process, from harvesting to the first sip.  

Step 1: Harvest

The first step is to harvest the raw material, that is the Espadin agave. It is usually grown for at least six years before it is ready for harvest. Thereafter, the leaves are cut off in the fields, and the plant's piña is dug up. 

Step 2: Cooking  

After the agave has been harvested, the piña are chopped into quarter pieces which are then placed into earthen pits of hot stones and covered with soil. It is baked for four days, which brings out its natural sugars, an ingredient responsible for its taste. 

Step 3: Milling

This sweet fruit is now transferred to a round, above-ground pit, where the cooked agave is broken down into a mash. A traditional wheel breaks the agave, and is usually drawn by a donkey.  

Step 4: Fermentation 

In the spirit of transforming the mashed agave into what is known as ''tepache,'' the fermentation process lasts for 7 to 10 days. This is after the mashed agave has been put into wooden tubs of mountain spring water.  

Step 5: Distillation

At this point, we already have tepache, obtained as a result of fermenting mashed agave. It is loaded into copper stills, heated to an exact temperature, and then closed and carefully watched for two days as it slowly drips into a basin. To this end, the result is nothing but a deliciously smooth, very clear, Mezcal.   

Types Of Dos Hombres Mezcal 

This popular mezcal is bottled in two different variations, Espadin Mezcal and Tobala Mezcal. We have explained each in detail below.

Dos Hombers Mezcal Joven Espadin

Dos Hombres Espadin Mezcal

This is a unique blend of the finest Espadin agave. It is hand-selected from the hillsides of a small village in Oaxaca. Besides, Dos Hombres presents an appealing fragrance and a rich taste that engages the palate, ensuring the distinctive smoothness of the brand.  

Dos Hombres Espadin Mezcal is an open invitation to uncover and embrace the richness that is majorly delivered from the legendary craftsmanship of the best Mezcal Masters in Oaxaca.

We recommend that you serve it in a snifter or extended glass. This allows the Mezcal to "awake" and fully appreciate the flavors and scents of a completely natural experience.  

Just like Tobala Mezcal, Espadin is also quantified in 750ml bottles. 

It consists of the following, and by extension, they determine its scent and flavor:

  • Apples – The aroma you get from apples and perfectly balanced Espadin agave comes first.
  • Mango – You also get some hidden freshness and subtle sweetness of fruit scents closer to mango.
  • Local fruits – Hints of "zapote" fruits merge.
  • Wood – This is a perfectly balanced and soft hint of the wooden barrels in which Mezcal is fermented.
  • Smooth Smoke – Discrete, almost invisible smoky finish is an evidence of the traditional ovens' volcanic stone and firewood. 


Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston said, "Because of its smooth flavor, Dos Hombres is enjoyable in any season, with every possible combination." 

For you to get the best results, pour 2 oz. of your Mezcal into a rocks glass, then add an orange slice for garnish and enjoy your drink in its entirety.   

Tasting Notes

  • Aroma - Apples and Espadin agave
  • Scent - Mango
  • Finish - Discrete and smoky
  • Aging - Un-aged (Young and clear in color)

 Dos Hombres Tobala Mezcal

Tobala Mezcal

Tobala Mezcal is produced from agaves that were carefully grown for 25 years, harvested, and hand-selected by the producer's Maestro, Gregorio Velasco. It comes in a bottle size containing 750ml of the Mezcal.

This agave is considered a sacred plant, and each bottle of Tobala has hints of plums, chocolate, and local lily flowers, which characterize its scent and flavor. It is said, "The layers of taste evolve and resonate with an elegant smoky fish."

The bold notes in Dos Hombres Tobala's taste come from the Copal trees growing in the region which impregnate and perfume the soil where Tobala agaves are grown. Copal is a sacred tree whose resin is used by village people to purify and bless their environment. 

Similarly, for enjoyable moments, pour 2 oz. of Dos Hombres Tobala Mezcal into a rock glass, add an orange slice for garnish. You are set to enjoy while unperturbed. 

It consists of the following, which by extension determine its flavor profile:

  • Plums - Responsible for the subtle sweetness and hidden freshness
  • Local flowers - Hints of lillies
  • Chocolate - Aromas of roasted chocolate
  • Wood - A soft and balanced hint of wooden barrels used in fermentation
  • Smooth smoke - Discrete hints of smoke are a sure evidence of the firewood and stones used in the ovens


Tasting Notes

  • Aroma - Roasted chocolate
  • Scent - Plums
  • Finish - Discrete and smoky with a hint of wood
  • Aging - Un-aged (Young and clear in color)


Why Choose Dos Hombres Mezcal?

The process through which this mezcal is manufactured makes it unique and appealing. With the fire-wood-like smoky finish, the spirit becomes one of the best, most likable brands. From this article, you can now deduce some of the takeaway reasons for choosing this spirit as follows:

Quick Takeaway Points

  • It has a smooth flavor, making it enjoyable in any season, with every possible combination. 
  • It is manufactured through an elaborate process. Thus the quality can't be doubted
  • Crafted with care, making it unique and enjoyable
  • It has a clear appearance
  • It has a balanced nose of apple aromas and Espadin agave, followed by fresh fruity notes and a hint of Sapote fruit. 
  • Dos Homres Mezcal has a sweet palate with hints of mango and sapote, followed by a soft touch of wood. 
  • Boasts of a smooth and restrained fire-wood-like smoky finish. 


We also have a compilation of the five best books on Mezcal, so you can check them out once you finish reading this article. Well, we must warn you that the literature in there is best suited for book worms, so you can go ahead if you are one.

What's Your Take?

Now that you know all about mezcal Dos Hombres, what's your take?

Comment below with your rating out of 5 stars, and let us know which variation of mezcal dos hombres pleases your taste buds the most.

We would also recommend that you can check out some of our articles on mezcal and mezcal cocktails, tequila and tequila cocktails, as well as ayate. Those are just but a tip of the iceberg. Continue browsing our site for all-things-mezcal and the epitome of Mexican culture as far as wines and spirits are concerned.


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