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by Greg Rutkowski


DeLeon Tequila - The Best From Blue Weber Agave

by Greg Rutkowski

DeLeon Tequila Silver and Reposado

by Greg Rutkowski

What comes to your mind when you hear the name DeLeón?

You're probably screaming, "That's Spanish phrase for The Lion!"

Yes, you are right. And that's exactly what this brand is all about. In this article, we will take you through all you need to know about the king of the tequila jungle. So, let's jump right in!

History of DeLeón Tequila

Brent Hocking founded DeLeón Tequila in 2008, and 2009 marked its introduction into the US market. Later on, in 2013, Sean Combs became a partner to tequila after successfully working with Cîroc Vodka. Unlike other tequilas, the production of DeLeon tequila does not involve the use of the oak extract, caramel, sucrose, and glycerin, which Consejo Regulador Del Tequila permits.

Tequila DeLeon is an ultra-premium tequila that constitutes 100% blue agave from Jalisco, designed to match other top-shelf tequilas, including Patron. It is available in more than six expressions. The most popular ones include:

  • Leona -An expression of reserve Anejo costing around $825,
  • Diamante - An expression of Joven
  • Blanco - The most affordable and simplistic.
  • DeLeon Platinum costs around $60 or more

Flavor Profile of DeLeón Tequila

DeLeón tequila has hints of lemon custard along with notes of pepper and vanilla-dusted creme brulee. It also features a character of classic Blanco but with hints of austerity even though it is entirely untested and unaged. The body also has the theme of bright lemon, spicy blue weber agave, sweet honey edge, and a touch of menthol.

DeLeon is also very mild and easy to drink, and these same qualities make Patron a trendy tequila brand.

Unlike other tequila, DeLeon does not pump up its agave, and neither does it mask it. Instead, it has the hint of natural herb similar to that of Blanco tequila. It also tosses in complementary flavors, which are very natural, and these flavors add to its complexity and subtlety.

This flavor brings about a lighter end product, and so you should have an appropriate attitude when approaching the tequila. Unique as it sounds, many drinkers find it very suitable for them and we bet you too would!

DeLeon Tequila Reposado

The Production Process of Tequila Deleón

The method of production of DeLeón tequila is very energy-intensive, and it takes about three weeks to be complete. It begins from harvesting until the final stage, where the tequila is ready for bottling. DeLeón employs several techniques in its production process that result in the flavor profile that will take you to cloud nine when you take a sip of your drink.

Let's now have a look at the process of creating "The Lion" of the tequila jungle.


One thing that makes DeLeón tequila's flavor so special is that they use exceptional ingredients. The process begins by hand-selecting the agaves during harvesting, which ensures peak ripeness and high quality. As a result, the piñas yielded are the sweetest, which is the reason behind the tequila's balance and great character.

The plant takes about 6 to 8 years to grow under direct sunlight, and the maturity of the plants is independent since all the fields have unequal conditions. Moreover, the harvesting is individual once they attain prime maturation. The overripe plants start decaying and end up developing off-tasting notes. So, you guessed that right - they aren't left for too long in the fields once they mature.

Due to the uniqueness of each agave, they are divided into quarters, thirds, and halves in the distillery. The division is respective of the sizes of agaves to ensure even baking inside the ovens. This process also marks the removal of Cogollo. The Cogollo is the part in the middle of the agave, which, if not removed, will give the final liquid a bitter taste. Cutting out this bitter syrup eliminates the bitterness and herbal notes from the resulting product. Although this practice is not standard as per the industry, it is responsible for the sweet, less-bitter, and smooth-tasting DeLeón tequila.


The next step is the transfer of the agave into ovens where they are roasted. The cooking duration at this stage matters a lot because the agave requires the perfect time for baking to attain the desired flavor of delicious caramel, which is the main objective of DeLeon. Also, there need not be any signs of burnt notes.


Milling is whereby the cooked agave moves to the ancient mill in the press, where there is the extraction of a high number of sugars in the agave. The Steel mills in the press spray water over cooked agave, which would be very soft by then. In the meantime, the machine will be pressing the agave to drain off the juice and extract the sugars.


The slow fermentation process is the reason behind the complexity and real depth of the natural sweetness of DeLeon's agave, and it also creates a nuanced character. At this stage, controlling the temperature allows for long fermentation that takes around 6 to 7 days, and it develops compounds whose flavors are more complex.


After fermentation, the liquid proceeds in batches for distillation in the alembic pot stills. DeLeón tequila undergoes two distillations to achieve its purity and smoothness. Through these two distillations, the tequila retains the rich character that it acquired in the fermentation stage.

DeLeon Tequila Reposdao

Types of DeLeón Tequila

Deleon Reposado Tequila

This highland tequila is aged gently in American oak casks and after that in the French Oak casks. This combination of French wine and American casks contributes to the complexity of the ideal flavor of tequila and its rich aromatics.

Color: Deep amber

Aroma: Butterscotch and cinnamon

Taste: Soft, balanced hints of caramelized oak with layers of spice and dried fruit and touches of red berries

Finish: Smooth vanilla and hints of clove

DeLeón Blanco Tequila

The production of this DeLeón tequila involves slow roasting of the beautiful agaves in the traditional ovens to achieve a profile with a subtle taste.

Color: Crystal Clear

Aroma: Crisp agave and Fresh agave citrus and

Taste: Fresh citrus and coconut notes and hints of lime which drive the rich complexity at the start

Finish: Warm brown spicy and vanilla finish accompanied by unparalleled smoothness

DeLeón Anejo Tequila

DeLeon Anejo is a top-shelf tequila with a tone of high class. This tequila is aged gently in American oak casks and after that in the French casks. Since it composes 100% highland blue agave, the pinas from the plants are very sweet, giving the tequila a balanced and abundant character.

Taste Profile: This combination creates a rich caramel profile, dried fruit, and toasted oak with silky vanilla hints on its finish.

DeLeón Leóna Tequila

This reserve constitutes 100% pure blue agave, and it utilizes the Mexican water, which draws from the three natural wells of DeLeon. After distillation in the white glove facility, the aging of the agave in Sauternes barrels takes around 34 months. The aging begins in the American casks, and then it proceeds to the French Sauternes oak casks.

This tequila appeals to the fine cognacs' drinkers, and its intoxicating aroma and lingering euphoria are very enticing.

DeLeón Extra Añejo Tequila

DeLeon Extra Añejo is aged in the bourbon barrels for three years, followed by its bottling. This tequila has a sweet spice, dry oak, and warm toffee finish, which is why it is the ultimate tequila for whisky lovers.

The attitude from this bottle reeks sophistication, suave and urbane, let alone the contents on the inside, which are the main act. DeLeon Extra Anejo counts among the finest whiskeys and scotches, all thanks to its cask strength.

Deleon Diamante (Joven)

The distillation of the press juice results into green olive touch and lime and orange crisp notes. The locals gave DeLeon's exceptionally flavorful and elegant Blanco a unique name following its superiority. Unlike other tequilas, sipping Diamante appears to be a benchmark with DeLeon.

DeLeon Diamante stands out as the most versatile among all the spirits in the world, and its smooth taste is best savored neatly on the rocks. The most famous icon of the DeLeon brand, Bill Wall, carved the metallic top of the bottle from a sterling silver ball, making it so attractive.

DeLeon Platinum Tequila

DeLeón Platinum is a top-shelf tequila with a high tone. During its production, the highland agave is slowly roasted in traditional ovens to achieve a profile with a subtle taste, a whisper of warm spice, citrus, and sweet agave with a finish of smooth vanilla.

The DL Bottle

The bottle is beautifully crafted, unusually heavy, and uniquely squared. Moreover, it is a model of one of the world's best glass makers.

At the front of the bottle are the letters DL, which is the family's trademark, and it is sandblasted subtly so that it does not draw the drinker's attention away from what rests inside.

Why Choose DeLeón Tequila

The master distiller of DeLeon only allows Corazon or the best portion to get into the bottles by artfully cutting the beginning of distillation and the end. It creates an unrivaled finish with a subtle taste.

Blending the art of tequila and the mastery of French winemaking gives this tequila a distinctive and balanced character. DeLeón tequila has defied its category's conventions, and it has established a standard of luxurious tequila.

The quality of this tequila is worth spending on. Also, come to think of the fancy metallic stopper, thick-glass bottle, and the traditional clay oven, the epitome of Mexican culture.

Any Other Options?

Have you ever tried a bottle of DeLeón? If not, you are missing out big! Hurry up and get a classic tequila shot glass to enjoy the supremacy of the lion. Don't forget to comment below with your rating out of 5 stars.

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  • I live in San Diego. Where can I go to taste these Tequila’s to see which one is to my taste. Henceforth, purchasing.

    Ronald Altamirano on

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