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The Copita Glass: Everything You Need To Know

Ceramic Mezcal Copitas With Fruit

A week ago


As far as mezcal is concerned, the copita glass is one of the essential pieces of barware that every bartender and mezcal lover should own. In this article, we look at how to select a suitable copita glass, some of the most popular types and what can be served in a copita glass. If you're wondering which glass to go for, then this article is the best read for you!


There is no better way to bring design, class and refreshment in your home than with a copita glass. 

Though fragile in nature, this piece of innovation has the ability to make even the most unappealing of drinks draw your attention. It has been around for about 3600 years, with its history tracing back to Egypt. With every passing year comes a new design, more elaborate, and more functional than the previous ones. With this innovation came the copita glass.

A copita glass can be described as a small stemmed glass suitable for the swirling, tasting and smelling of spirits.

Glencairn Copitas With Whisky Bottles

Choosing A Suitable Copita Glass

Copita glasses come in various colors, shapes, sizes and designs.They also function and deliver differently when it comes to wines and spirits. Making the right choice when it comes to buying a set of copita glasses can prove to be as difficult as picking the right outfit for yourself. It is important to note that mezcal copitas are quite different from other copita glasses, as they are commonly made from clay.

The most important question when purchasing a new cup or glass is whether the choice of glass serves your overall needs with your type of alcohol.

A glass has the power to make your drinking experience both more enjoyable and memorable than you might think. For most people, they look at a glass and fail to see the bigger picture beyond design and packaging. Because to them, a glass is a means to an end.

However, for those who appreciate great alcoholic drinks and enjoy the tasting process, it's important that their drink is served in a vessel that best brings out its aromas and flavours. It is for this reason that we offer a wide selection of glassware. So how does one go about picking the right glass for alcohol?

It goes without saying that a glass with a generous bowl makes the best choice when it comes to serving spirits. This factor is a huge determiner on how well the overall taste of the drink will be brought out.

This is not to say that a glass changes the taste of the spirit. Rather, it allows you to get a better feel of the richness of your drink by bringing forth the scent and aromas even before the first sip is taken.

A copita glass with bulbous shape provides an ample surface area on the liquid which means more air can touch the drink. This makes it easier to smell and allows for more of the flavours to emerge. It also allows for the easy swirling of the drink which brings out yet more aromas. This nosing process allows you to gauge the quality of the alcohol.

To get the best feel for the scents and aromas, it is important to have the glass  tilted at an angle of 45 degrees and always go slowly in the inhaling process. Quick inhales can be overwhelming to the nose because of the scent concentrations.

The diameter and the shape of the glass are also key factors in choosing a copita glass. A more practical glass should have a wider mouth to allow easy flow of air within the glass and the alcohol. Aerating alcohol makes it possible for the aromas and alcohol to be balanced. It also makes it easier for the aromas to be fully appreciated. Alcoholic drinks such as rum, cognac, whisky and mezcal are best aerated to reveal character.

Wide rimmed glasses are also more practical for drinking. After all, no one wants their noses in the way of their drink.

Mezcal Copita Set With Matching Jug

The Most Popular Copita Glasses 

It's not about the sleekness of the glass nor is it about the brand behind the glass but rather the practicality and functionality it provides. Having a copita glass makes it easier to enjoy the flavors and the scent all in a go and what a better way to relax and enjoy your alcohol. 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the popular copita glasses on the market.

The Glencairn Glass

This whisky glass allows one to enjoy the taste and the richness of fine whisky. It has a short, solid stem and a wide base which narrows towards the mouth. These qualities allow the whisky to aerate and give room for swirling, nosing and tasting the drink.

The Glencairn glass is ideal for serving bourbons, Irish whisky and single malt whisky.

Glencairn Copita Glasses Filled With Whisky

The Neat Glass

This is specifically designed for the purposes of tasting and nosing. The wide base and tip gives it stability as well as reducing the chances of alcohol burn. The large surface area brings out the aromas of the drink. It can be used for any spirit of your choice, including whisky, mezcal, tequila or sherry.

Rock Glass/tumbler

Rock glasses are some of the most commonly used glasses in bars. They have the same diameter dimensions for both the top and the base, thick walls and heavy bottom and the same shape structure all the way up. It is ideal for both cocktails and spirits, particularly when served over ice. It cannot do a huge amount when it comes to nosing, however.

Crystal Rock Glass Containing Whisky

The Norlan Glass

The Norlan glass does it better with both the design and function. This is a glass that comes with maximum stability at the bottom. It has swirl ridges at the bottom with Glencairn designed inner walls and outer walls that closely resemble the stemless glass. There's a solid base for stability and a narrowing mouth. It is highly suitable for nosing and aeration, and it allows for inspecting the color of spirits without even touching the glass.

The Mezcal Copita

The mezcal copita is an authentic and traditional way to drink mezcal. Whilst there are other common types of cups for drinking mezcal, copitas are very popular with Mexican people, as well as appealing to tourists.

The art used in this piece of pottery gives it an aesthetic look as well as functionality. The mezcal copita has very distinct characteristics that are unmatched by any other glass in this category. This cup is made of clay and hand carved which gives it an appealing look that draws you in. It is flatter, more open with a wide rim which makes it a great choice for drinking spirits. 

To make your mezcal copitas look even more impressive, why not present them  on our eyecatching volcanic rock mezcal flight tray?

Blue Mezcal Copita On Table

The Agave Glass

Handmade all the way from the cutting and blowing, right through to the polishing, lead-free crystal agave glasses are stylish and a perfect hybrid between the traditional mezcal copitas and whisky glasses. They have a very stable base and a bulbous shape that narrows and flairs up towards the mouth. The shape of this glass makes it ideal for swirling and tasting alcoholic drinks.

What Can Be Served In A Copita Glass?

Some alcoholic spirits are very well suited to being served in a copita glass, however not all spirits lend themselves to this type of glass. Fortified wines, whiskys, mezcal, rum and sherry are some of the drinks that can be served in a copita.

When it comes to glasses, we believe that practicality beats design. However, having a copita glass in your ensemble makes it a perfect way of finishing the wine and alcohol glass collection. With a copita glass, nothing stands between you and your alcohol, you can swirl, swivel and nose it and also enjoy every flavour of your drink .

Where Can I get A Copita Glass?

Look no further!

At Mezcal For Life, we cater to all your barware and glassware needs, including jicara cups and of course, copitas. Make your order today for an authentic Mexican Mug and bottle, as well as the garnishes that you need to make your cocktail rock in the best mezcal glasses.


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