Cincoro Tequila by Michael Jordan

Several tequila brands exist but we are yet to find one creatively presented like Cincoro tequila. If you have never tasted this brand you must be wondering what it has to offer. Well, before I explain the extra ordinary taste and feeling Cincoro tequila gives its drinkers, let me briefly take you through an overview of how Cincoro tequila came into existence its preparation process and the various types.

History of Cincoro Tequila

The Name

Cincoro is a Spanish name meaning five gold. The idea of this beautiful brand of tequila came up over dinner that involved five people including a basketball athlete Michael Jordan in 2016.

Can you imagine a tequila taste from global athlete like Jordan? The other four co-founders include Emilia Fazzalari, Jeanie Buss, Wes Edens and Wyc Grousbeck. Cincoro was launched in 2019. It is a blend of lowland and highland agaves from Jalisco.

Named after the quintet ("Cinco") and the gold standard (oro for gold), Cincoro has its origin from a trip by the owners of Jalisco, Mexico, where they tried various options before deciding to choose Destiladora del Valle de Tequila.

Cincoro Tequila Michael Jordan

The Bottle

Designed by Nike's Mark Smith, this bottle has five sides and has the role to be reminiscent of agave leaves. It was also named 23 degrees because it was in memory of MJ himself. The resulting product is a very striking design.

Its five smooth sides loosely depict agave leaves, while its bottom slopes up 23 degrees, representing Michael Jordan's iconic jersey number. The glass cork is an upside-down replica of the bottle, and Extra Añejo goes one step further, using a hand-polished black glass bottle with gold accents.

The Brand

The five Cincoro co-founders did not particularly consider the long-term when launching their spirit. All brand owners are millionaires, so they focused more on producing delicious tequila instead of something that can bring wealth. But with the taste improvement, the audience's cheers came one after another, which led to almost unbelievable fast sales. Cinco offered people their hearts' desire: a premium liquor that poured almost effortlessly, in an elegant bottle, and just as attractive in the glass as it is on a bar cart.

Although a distillery also used to produce other spirits can be used to make Cincoro, its unique flavor profile proceeds from the aging process it undergoes. Of course, the brand's Blanco tequila has quite a bit of personality, you don't have to tarry for days to pass in old American whiskey barrels, but the other three Cincoro products take advantage of such a time and prove to be a good thing.

Production Process of Tequila Cincoro

Growing and Harvesting

Highland plants tend to have a fruity flavor, while lowland plants have a more earthy flavor.

The combination of the two produces different complexities expressed by Cinco. The water utilized by Cincoro comes from the mountains around and naturally undergoes filtration through the existing volcanic soil to achieve the best mineral balance.

Cinco's 100% Blue Weber agave plants grow in privately owned farms in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, and harvest occurs when 6 to 7 years old.


After harvesting the agave plant from the high ground, the pit is removed. This gives the final product an unnecessary bitterness.

It is then roasted at a low temperature for 35 hours. Cinco also utilizes small hand-made autoclaves to cook lowland plants, which give a slightly different taste from oven-baked. The two plants are mixed after all the cooking is complete.


After cooking the agave, the resulting juice is withdrawn from the plant and sent to the fermenter. Cincoro's proprietary yeast strain is added to the mixture and slowly fermented for 72 hours.


After distillation, the Cincoro tequila is aged in American whiskey barrels for a  specific time, which is longer than other brands.

For example, Casamigos añejo is put in bottles after 14 months, slightly above the required minimum, while Cincoro añejo matures for another 10 to 14 months. Its extra añejo is a combination of tequila between 40 and 44 months old.


The first thing you'll notice for this particular tequila is the iconic packaging, which stands out above many other bottles on the top shelf. Its unique glass-leaf agave sculpture has hidden meaning because its five-sided shape represents the five masters. 

Types of Cincoro Tequila

Cincoro Tequila Types

Cincoro Anejo Tequila 

Cinco Añejo is aged 24 to 28 months in the winery's underground cellar, further enhancing the interaction between the barrel and the tequila. The rich amber color has a copper undertone, and the wood and nuts on the nose resonate gracefully throughout the process. In terms of taste, oranges, figs, and dates are very obvious, with a hint of caramel and caramel. The unforgettable taste and smooth and luxurious aftertaste lay the foundation for classic cocktails and direct drinks.

Aging- 24-28 MONTHS

 Aroma - agave cooked lightly, dried fruits, maple, baking spices

 Taste - Cooked agave, orange rind, maple, dark chocolate, butterscotch

 Finish - Complex, evolving with time. Cooked agave, vanilla

Cincoro Reposado Tequila

Cinco Reposado is locked in the winery in the underground cellar for 810 months, much longer than most reposados. The cooked agave has a vanilla flavor, supplemented with spices and nuts. In terms of taste, cooked agave, light herbs, and baking spices complement the toasted oak in perfect proportions.

Aging - 8-10 MONTHS

 Aroma - Cooked agave, caramel, vanilla, dried fruits

 Taste - Cooked agave, black pepper, light vanilla, white chocolate

 Finish - Long finish and lingering vanilla

Cincoro Blanco Tequila

Cinco Blanco has not aged and is made from 100% Weber blue agave from the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico. By combining two different denominations of tequila, Cincoro Blanco tequila has a smooth taste, incredible complexity, and aftertaste.

You are reflecting the terroir, full of fresh and cooked agave, with a slight vanilla flavor derived from the meticulous process of small-batch production. Perfectly balanced, can be drunk directly, has a wide range of uses, and can be mixed into your favorite cocktail.

Aroma - Fresh and cooked agave, light vanilla, citrus,

 Taste - Smooth, white pepper, fresh agave, light grapefruit, citrus (lime), grapefruit

 Finish - Complex, cooked agave, long finish, black pepper

Cincoro Tequila, Extra Añejo

On the nose, the tequila has a very unusual contour. There are tropical fruit flavors of cooked sweet agave, some black pepper, melon, mango, and papaya, all of which are typical for different aged tequila and some golden raisins, figs, and a bit of plum, there's old leather and a little furniture.

Although the DNA of tequila is unmistakable, it is also somewhat reminiscent of Cognac or light brandy. However, when opened, the characteristics of the tequila become more pronounced.

With regard to the flavor, the extra añejo has the same creamy and candied sweetness as its siblings and offers citrus flavors of lemon and citrus, tropical fruit, and milk chocolate/mocha. There is a distinctive pepper smell, its intensity decreases rapidly, but it still lingers in the background. There are flavors of caramel and vanilla and tropical spices of cinnamon and nutmeg and cloves.

The aftertaste is long, with the sweetness of candied fruits and nuts and mild but persistent pepper.

Color - Deep Copper

Aroma - It has a subtle woody aroma with sweet and ripe agave, baking spices, dried fruit, and caramel.

Taste - Very complex, light oak toast, sweet ripe agave, white chocolate, lingering spices, short coffee

Finish - Complex, super long, similar to premium Cognac. Toasted oak, dried fruits, baking spices, light agave.

Why Choose Cincoro Tequila

Cincoro Tequila Tasting

Cinco is an interesting tequila. It is very smooth and has a unique sweetness of candied fruit, making it ideal for American tastes. It is an easy-to-drink tequila, easy to drink, and matches perfectly with various foods. This tequila is equally suitable before, during, and after meals.

You'll be pleasantly surprised after a sip of Cincoro's aged tequila. The aroma is subtle, but it is reminiscent of vanilla, caramel, and dried fruit in the initial sense of smell.

From there, the flavor itself is sweet, but not in an overpowering way. The scent of cinnamon and dark chocolate hovered around the upper jaw and end up being very soft, with almost no bite.

If you ever purpose to visit a liquor store or want to try something new, it shall be a shame to overlook Cincoro tequila. You might also be interested in knowing more about other brands like Teremana tequila and Casamigos tequila among the many brands that we feature. You don't have to be a drinker to give tequila some love either. You can buy yourself an ayate washcloth or simply make Tequila Jalisco your destination for your next vacation.

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